Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some popular websites of Nepal

* Some popular websites * for mail for Tribhuwan University of Nepal      =site for National Education Board        = site for Nepal Telecom, NTC News Radio Nepal =kantipur News         =Ministry of Finance        =Ministry of Education         = Microsoft account  = Nepal news          = Loksewaaygo           = Date converter              = site of cartoon network  = site for jobs  

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E- mail and Internet

How to Browse Websites?
1. Open any Web- browser software (eg. Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozil Firebox.)
2. Click on stop button (X)
3. Click on Address box.
4. Type required websites name.
5. Click on go or press enter.

How to make E-mail ID?

Friday, December 16, 2016

Definition of Computer,Block diagram of the computer

Computer is an electronic device which receives input from the users as in the form of raw data from the input device and stores data input into the storage unit then performing the function and controlling the instruction into the control unit and produce the accurate result into the output unit.     
A computer is an electronic device which takes input and stores the data in memory and manipulation and performing the function to produce accurate result in output device.

      This is the process of entering data and programmers into the computer system. A computer is an electronic device machine like any other machine which takes an input data and performs same processing giving out processed data therefore the input unit takes data from us to the computer in an organized manner for processor keyboard and mouse are the standard way to interact with the computer.


         The process of saving data and instruction permanently is known as storage. Data has to be store into the system before the actual processing starts. It is because the processing speed of CPU is so fast that the data has to be provided to the CPU with same speed. Therefore the data is first stored in the storage unit for the faster access and processing. This storage unit are primary storage and secondary storage of the computer is designed to the above functionality. 
       The task of perform operations like arithmetic and logical operation is called processing the CPU takes data as instruction from storage unit and next all sorts of calculation based an instruction given and the type of data provided. It is then send back to the storage unit. 
 Output Device (How it shows what it is doing?)
      This is the process of producing result from the data or getting useful information similar, the output produced by the computer after processing must also be kept somewhere, inside the computer before being given to human readable form monitor or screen is the primary output device. A printer also output device. For example Monitor, projector etc.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Computer Operator Question paper level-5 of PSC

  1. A small or intelligent device is so called because it contains within it a:
    1. computer
    2. microcomputer
    3. programmable
    4. sensor
  2. Each IP packet must contain:
    1. only source address
    2. only destination address
    3. sources and destination address
    4. sources or destination address
  3. The two basic types of record access methods are:
    1. sequential and random
    2. sequential and indexed
    3. direct and immediate
    4. online and real time
  4. Which of the following memories needs refresh?
    1. SRAM
    2. DRAM
    3. ROM
    4. all of the Above
  5. First generation of the computer used to have processing speed in:
    1. microsecond 
    2. millisecond
    3. nanosecond
    4. picosecond

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Computer Operator Question Paper (Lok Sewa Aayog),OPERATOR,ENCYCLOPAEDIA

  1. IBM 1401 was brought to prepare the census report of.............
    1. 2018 BS
    2. 2028 BS
    3. 2038 BS
    4. 2048 BS
  2. Unicode Standard is ............
    1. Software
    2. Font
    3. Character encoding system
    4. Keyboard layout
  3. Which of the following is not valid storage medium?
    1. zip disk
    2. floppy disk
    3. hard disk
    4. none of these
  4. Computer follows a simple principle called GIGO which means....
    1. garbage in garbage out
    2. garbage in good output
    3. good input good output
    4. grater in grates out
  5. One byte consists of 
    1. four bits
    2. one bits
    3. tens bits
    4. eight bits

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Download Jhola (झोला) Nepali Novel - Krishna Dharawasi

Jhola Novel Cover Photo

Literature | Nepali Novel
Download Jhola (झोला) Nepali Novel
By: Krishna Dharawasi

Jhola (झोला) is a Nepali traditional culture based on the story by literature Krishna Dharawasi about the Sati culture that was prevalent in Nepali society until the 1920s in which a wife had to immolate herself upon her husband's death, typically on his funeral pyre.The love between a mother and her son sensetize the heart of reader and takes the reader to that age right at the moment of tragidy. It crops the hidden feeling inside the readers and force him/her to hate such cruel situation.

Download Radha (राधा) Nepali Novel - Krishna Dharabasi | Shruti Sambeg

Literature | Nepali Novel
Download Radha (राधा) Nepali Novel
Writer: Krishna Dharabasi

It's been two years since Krishna Dharabasi wrote Radha, an extraordinary novel, and yet, the novel is still relatively unknown among litterateurs and the general public. Radha is a strong example of a novelist challenging traditional mores by presenting mythical texts in a different light. Inspired by Jacques Derrida's Theory of Deconstruction, he has completely changed the characters of Radha and Krishna as we have come to know them. Ved Vyas' and the Mahabharat's Radha is a minor character, whose only purpose seems to be Krishna's plaything. But Dharabasi's Radha is brave, dignified and can also be seen as a revolutionary. He keeps focusing on the importance of women, which too can be seen as a challenge to formal traditions.