Saturday, April 4, 2015

Download Radha (राधा) Nepali Novel - Krishna Dharabasi | Shruti Sambeg

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Download Radha (राधा) Nepali Novel
Writer: Krishna Dharabasi

It's been two years since Krishna Dharabasi wrote Radha, an extraordinary novel, and yet, the novel is still relatively unknown among litterateurs and the general public. Radha is a strong example of a novelist challenging traditional mores by presenting mythical texts in a different light. Inspired by Jacques Derrida's Theory of Deconstruction, he has completely changed the characters of Radha and Krishna as we have come to know them. Ved Vyas' and the Mahabharat's Radha is a minor character, whose only purpose seems to be Krishna's plaything. But Dharabasi's Radha is brave, dignified and can also be seen as a revolutionary. He keeps focusing on the importance of women, which too can be seen as a challenge to formal traditions.

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