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Question paper Of Bachelor of Computer Engineering 

Section A
  1. More advanced data link layer protocols use piggybacking and a sliding window protocol to increase bandwidth utilization.Explain what is meant by the term piggybacking and sliding window protocol (SWP) and describe how these algorithm work.(2+3)=5
  2. Differentiate between RISC and CISC processors with examples.          5
  3. What is the most significant advantages of synchronous counter over a asynchronous counter.
  4. Potential barrier of silicon PN junction is 0.7 volt . It is assumed sufficient in electronic circuit.Can you use this barrier voltage as electric source? If yes,why? If no, why? give the reason.
  5. Explain with block diagram of digital communication system.
Section B
  1. Explain inheritance with example.                                                                 5
  2. Explain the Big oh and theta notations.                                                         5
  3. Describe SEI CMM level 1 to 4.                                                                     6
  4. Explain the E-R model with example.                                                            5
  5. What do you mean by scheduling? Explain with example.                            5
Section C
  1. What do you mean by term of learning in Aritficial Intelligence                      3
  2. Explain the Chomsky hierarchy with example.                                               4
  3. Differentiate between types and types checking.                                            5
  4. What is the difference between raster and vector graphics?                          3
  5. In image processing and pattern recognition how you can determine a square block in an image? Explain.                                                                                         5
Section D
  1. Technical Writing                                                                                              10
      1. Let you are an IT Officer in IT Department of your organization and IT Department has much more computers in the store to be distributed to all units. One of your organization's unit requested your department to provide three computers to computerize their official activities and data.Your in-charge commanded you to visit the site and prepare a report addressing the following points given below:
          1. a.What is the current IT infrastructure in the unit?
          2. b.Status of man power dedicated in the IT field.
          3. How they are using the computers?

                            Prepare a report as addressed above.Let you think that it would be better to provide three computers to the unit.Describe what will be the effect after providing three computers to it.Give reasonable cause in the report for providing the computers to the unit.

       2. Case Study:                                                                                             (10+10=20)
                          Ministry of Health and Population is willing to computerize its data basic.       This new system will be able to tell the population of the country,zone and district and even of the ward of a specific place.The system will update is data in monthly basis so that the birth rate and death rate can be easily be seen.
                          a). Now as an computer engineering,draw a context and data flow diagram                                 for the possible system.
                          b). Design the efficient database schema for the proposed system will                                         appropriate normalization methods. 

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